Sumair Hisbani

Hi, my name is Sumair, and I’m the founder and brain behind I am a Commerce student basically, and I loves politics. I don’t know how I got into this field. I had never imagined becoming a blogger. But life changed suddenly, and I started learning about Blogging. I learned a lot from YouTube. I am not an expert on anything. I am a learner, and I will continue to learn till the death.


Idea Behind BloggingB:

I decided to create this blog to share my little knowledge with others. What I have learned in the field of Blogging and I will also going to share some case studies about how I earn from the internet (though I am not earning much :D). I will also guide you to making money online from different resources like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. So, stay tuned to this blog for interesting articles.



I want to give proper credits to our logo designer Zargham Ali. He is the guy who has designed this beautiful logo for this blog.


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