The Untold Story of My Life: My Journey to Blogging

My Journey to Blogging; Case Study

Hi friends my name is Sumair, and in this post, I will share my story, my journey to become a blogger and why I chose Blogging as my passion?! First of all sorry for delayed launch of this blog! This happened because my mother was not well. This story is of my life, never told before. I never wanted to be a blogger, in fact, I’m a commerce student holding bachelor’s degree. I didn’t want to be a Bank Manager either.

Instead, I loved politics and media. I wanted to a politician or a media person, but luckily it didn’t happen. My journey was not easy at all; I am sharing my story for motivation. There is no way to become a rich in a few days without learning anything. Blogging is easy enough if you follow the right path. In short, there is no shortcut to success. You have to work hard. So, let me start my story.

My Childhood:

My childhood was not that ideal. We have faced so many issues in the past. Alhamdulillah, it’s much better now. One big problem we have encountered was my father’s health issues. He is a patient of Haemophilia disease. Back in old days, there was no treatment for this disease in Pakistan and that was so bad.

So my studies were also affected because of these issues. So yeah, childhood was not that ideal but it was good enough to be remembered because I learned so much from it.


Educational Life:

As I said before, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. But my whole educational career was not good at all because no one was paying attention to me! My father was not healthy and my mother was busy in her job. She is a teacher in Government school for girls. When I left my first school after passing 8th standard, I didn’t even know how to write or read English.

My English was too poor, then in 9th and 10th standard, I improved my English because I was studying in English school. And then college life was full of dreams and enjoyed a lot during these 2 years. I wanted to study Engineering in University (My town has no university), but I couldn’t because I am the only son of my parents so I had to take care of them. I got admission in B.COM through affiliated college and passed those exams successfully.


My Interests and Hobbies:

I loved WWE and improved my English watching the weekly episodes of WWE RAW. I used to play cricket a lot, but due to eyesight issues, I do not play cricket nowadays. You won’t believe that I was a die hard fan of politics, not politicians off course. So, I used to watch political talk shows, news articles and also I started reading newspapers as well. OMG, that feels bad now. But watching political talk shows changed my life completely.


Turning Point:

As I said, politics changed my life. When I was crazy about politics, I followed almost 2500 people on twitter (wasted my whole day to unfollow them few weeks ago) related to media and local politics. Newbies to politics and media used to write their articles on Blogger Blogspot and, so I followed them and created my account on and made my own blog i.e. (haven’t posted anything yet!). Meanwhile, I used to watch talk shows on

Until this moment, I didn’t know anything about computer and the internet. I didn’t even know what was URL and how to find it! My Friend Saddam Hussain helped me a lot. He taught me how to install windows and all other stuff.

One day when I was visiting, I saw ‘user videos’ tab in navigation and when I clicked on that a new page opened in which they had videos for that category and an option to submit your videos. Then I clicked on submit videos and BOOM! It opened a normal register form with WordPress logo on it. I said wait a minute, how the hell they are running this huge website on platform? Because I didn’t have any idea about, so I started my research on Google. And that led me to this point.

There was so much content available for WordPress and Blogging, but I learned a lot from three people including Sir Abdul Wali from, Hassam Ahmad Awan from and there is a guy on YouTube Tyler Moore. I learned how to make a WordPress website from Tyler Moore, he is such an amazing guy, his voice is excellent and he explains in simple and understandable manner. Blogging was introduced to me by Hassam Ahmad, his articles are very well explained and all other stuff like make money online, etc. was from Abdul Wali sir.


Difficulties Faced:

I met a lot of challenges during this journey. You won’t believe, but I haven’t bought a single Andriod cell phone yet. I don’t have a Laptop, I am using an old PC. I don’t have a PTCL landline connection, thanks to their awesome service in my area. I am using PTCL EVO only.

I had learned almost everything by watching videos on YouTube and the period when YouTube was banned in Pakistan, I used to download videos from proxy sites because videos were not playing there (I had the bad experience with proxy sites). I downloaded videos for 10,12 days continuously, and when download limit reached on my EVO, then I watched the downloaded videos.

I don’t even have PayPal account which has really frustrating for me because it’s very much difficult for me to send or receive international payments.


Mistakes of this Blogging Journey:

As a newbie, you always make mistakes, but it’s up to you to get these mistakes in a positive way or negative. I made a lot of mistakes during my journey to Blogging. A major mistake of my life was wasting my time. I wasted a lot of time in doing some nonsense things, like learning each and everything before the start. You can’t learn everything without experience.

Another nonsense thing I did was starting a Pakistani and Indian Dramas website and started a website named (I don’t own this website anymore). The idea behind both of these websites was simple, to become overnight rich. Can you imagine? I started Ustaad website to compete with Abdul Wali Sir! We were two partners in this nonsense project, I can’t name the other guy because he will gonna kill me! So, this nonsense idea didn’t work at all, and I wasted almost 8000PKR.  I wish I could have bought an Andriod phone with this amount.

It’s time for the second mistake, I was not in touch with any blogger at all and that was a mistake of my life. I realized this when I read a guest post of Abdul Samad Essani brother, in which he mentioned exact mistake and said he has 800+ Google+ circles and all of them are related to his field, and that shocked me. So, I started making connections in this field. So, I highly recommend making connections especially if you are a newbie.


My Inspiration:

I had faced so much in this journey, but there was a guy who kept motivating me and that beautiful man is Sir Abdul Wali. He changed my whole life through his posts. Whenever I watched his video tutorial or read any article about make money, he kept saying that if I’m making money then you can too. This really pumped me. Everyone in my home knows Abdul Wali sir because I have told everyone about his story of making One Crore from the internet.


Why I Quit?

You heard that right, I quit for two times in my blogging career so far. Sometimes you can’t take heavy responsibilities, and the same thing happened to me. I was so much worried about future because I have to take care of my family. I was encouraged by my uncle to quit for the first time. I know his intention was good and he said that you can’t consider this field as a full-time job, you should better focus on your studies as you have a responsibility on your shoulders. I agreed with him, and I still agree. So, I left this field for I don’t know about a month or so. But I was not feeling comfortable at all because this is my passion. So, after thinking a lot, I started it again.

But I have eyesight problem and have regular checkups with my doctor. I had laser treatment two years ago due to retina weakness. So, one year ago I went to the doctor for a checkup, and he said you shouldn’t work on the computer, don’t even read books otherwise you will lose your eyesight. That was the moment when I felt helpless, and I was completely broken. I didn’t use the computer, didn’t watched TV, didn’t read a single word from any book and didn’t even use my cell phone for more than a month.

Then my uncle said to me that I should come to Islamabad to change my mind. I went to him, and we visited beautiful places of the city and then we went for my check up to three different doctors and all of them said there is no issue in reading, watching TV or using the computer and that was true OMG moment for me. I can’t explain how it felt that time. These two times were tough but thanks to Allah I overcame to them.


My First Earning:

You always remember your first earnings because it means a lot to you. Luckily I remember mine too. I got my first payment from RevenueHits of $20 in my uncle’s Payoneer Card. I don’t have my own Payoneer yet because my card didn’t arrive at my home address. This amount meant a lot to me, because by time now I can say others that I got something from the computer.


Why I started this Blog?

After losing almost 8000PKR, I decided to do some serious work now. The idea behind this blog is simple, to share my knowledge and my experience to others. I was paid $20 by one my client, so I bought a domain name for this blog which is an awesome name in my opinion! I decided to use Blogger platform as it’s easy and free to use, but then thanks to my two friends; Malik Sharjeel Tahir and Ifti Malik, now I am on WordPress. These two gifted me 6 months hosting and I really wanted to thank them. I will make this blog a brand Insha’Allah.


My Goals for 2017:

2016 is about to become a past now. 2016 proved to be a life-changing year in my life because so many good things happened in this year and so much more to come in 2017. Following are my goals for coming year:

  1. Prayers on time: I don’t offer prayers, and I know it’s a bad habit. So in this year Insha’Allah, I will try to pray for 5 times.
  2. Finding a job: I really want a good job in government sector because it will somewhat ease the pressure from my shoulders. But sometimes I think it’s a bad idea because then I will be focusing on two completely different things so do let me know below in comments about your thoughts on this.
  3. Buying Andriod Cell Phone: Cell phones make your life much easier nowadays. Bloggers have to spend more time on social media to engage the audience, and you can’t sit on PC to just use Facebook or Twitter. So, Insha’Allah I will buy a cell phone.
  4. BlogginB to become a brand: I will try to work really hard to make this blog a brand so that I can help as many newbies as I can.
  5. Visiting New Places: I want to visit some new places within Pakistan so I will try to make it possible for me.


That was my story and I am sure all of you also have your own stories, so please let me know below in comments about your blogging journey. I must say that there is no secret to success, you only have to work hard and you should be strong enough to believe in yourself.


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